Lagoa hands out €70,000 to trouble-torn businesses

Lagoa council has given €70,000 to businesses badly affected by the town’s controversial revamp project.

Businesses have been paid between €1,500 and €6,000 depending on how much they have suffered, borough newspaper Lagoa Informa reports.

As the Resident highlighted last month, the town centre has been a major “no-go” area since several main streets were dug up as part of a €420,000 revamp to be completed by April.

Businesses told us the works were “badly planned” and keeping everyone but residents away as it was a “nightmare” to drive or walk in the area.

Made aware of the complaints, Lagoa council met with business owners to discuss compensation measures.

Lagoa Informa says most businesses are “satisfied” by the council’s offers.

The Portuguese language paper adds that compensation measures are commonly used when a public work has a direct negative impact on local businesses.

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