Lagoa fireman dies in tragic accident in Odiáxere

Firefighters in Lagoa are mourning the death of 32-year-old colleague Luís Morgado, who lost his life in a tragic accident in Odiáxere, Lagos last Saturday.

The fireman was riding his motorbike on the EN125 road when he collided with a car. The crash was so violent that he was projected onto the side pavement.

Emergency services were called just after midnight but Luís Morgado died from the serious injuries he sustained.

Police are investigating the circumstances of the accident.

His funeral was held on Tuesday while the Lagoa fire station paid tribute to the firefighter by sounding the station’s siren that same day.

Luís Morgado lived in Lagos despite serving the Lagoa fire station and was one of seven people who lost their lives on national roads over the Easter weekend.

Five of them were also bikers.

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