Lagoa eye doctor victims want justice

Dear Editor,

I am one of the 35 victims of Versteeg. In 2004, he ruined my eyes in his clinic in Lagoa.

I had only 50% sight after he operated on me. Now, in May 2015, I am still fighting him in a Dutch court – that is 10 years already. Hopefully the trial ends this year.

He appears in the Dutch court, but claims he is the best doctor and did nothing wrong. Even professors are not as good as he is – that is what he claims.

He is stricken by the Dutch Doctors Association and can no longer be a doctor, but I think he is working as an eye surgeon again – I don’t have a clue where – but this time without a doctors’ licence.

I do know a lot of his other Dutch victims. Some of them are just waiting to get blind. One of them, a lady, is fighting her handicap every single day. Eventually, she will get blind – for her it’s a countdown.

My complete operation itself is online. Just Google my name “Ronald Rietbroek” (aka Rollie Niemand).

This man has to be stopped. No way will I make it possible for him to hurt more people.

Even the Dutch health authorities didn’t stop him for several years. They knew he was a risk-doctor, after the news in the papers and television about the four victims.

In Portugal, I started a campaign on the internet and went to medical court to complain about him.

I was the only one who was prepared to go all the way. The judges found him guilty and stripped him of his doctor’s title. But he really thought he was the best doctor ever.

But in the second trial the judges went ballistic on him and got an even higher sentence.

So this kept me going. And I am still going strong.

It’s also a disgrace how the Dutch court is handling this. They let him come back every time with other empty and dumb words, over and over, for 10 years now.

Ronald Rietbroek