Lagoa council takes over monthly flea market

Lagoa will be hosting its monthly ‘Feira das Velharias’ flea market on Sunday (November 22) at the Fatacil ground. It will be the first market to be organised by the local council and not Fatasul – the municipal company that was closed this year and used to organise many local initiatives such as the town’s staple event, FATACIL.

The market, which has been held monthly for the last eight years, is known for attracting thousands of people due to the variety of antiques and used items that can be found on sale.

It will now be used as the ‘guinea pig’ of the council’s first attempt at organising an event at the FATACIL fairgrounds without Fatasul at the helm.

“The council wants to give more exposure to this small local event, and transform it into something that is visited by thousands of people,” the council said in a statement.

The council also informed potential sellers of the market that they will not be able to reserve their spot beforehand and will have to pay for their space on the day of the market.