Lagoa council tackles beach overcrowding

Despite the pandemic and travel restrictions, Lagoa’s world-famous beaches are still attracting crowds of people this summer, which has become an issue with authorities attempting to limit occupancy levels.

Marinha, Benagil, Albandeira and Vale de Centeanes – some of the smaller but most popular beaches in the borough – have registered “higher-than-recommended” occupancy levels.

In a bid to tackle the ‘problem’, the local council met with health, tourism, environmental, safety and civil protection authorities last Friday (July 24) to discuss how beach overcrowding can be resolved.

One of the measures being implemented, says the council, is the reduction of the number of parking spaces near these beaches. Works taking place near Marinha (to create two car parks and road pavements), which is limited to just 15 people at a time, are also expected to “dissuade” beachgoers.

Says the council, raising awareness is key. This means urging beachgoers to opt for larger beaches and encouraging authorities to keep a closer eye on beaches known for overcrowding.