Lagoa and Faro set up vaccination centres

Two new vaccination centres have been set up in the Algarve, this time in Lagoa and Faro.

The two boroughs made the announcement on Friday (April 9), just two days after Olhão announced that its own vaccination centre was ‘ready to go’.

In Lagoa, the vaccination centre was set up near the local auditorium and has already received a ‘thumbs up’ from health authorities and is ready to open as soon as Portugal’s second stage of vaccinations begin.

Said the council, it is equipped to vaccinate around 40 people per hour.

“The local council has covered all the costs of setting up the vaccination centre and has honoured the commitment it made so that the people of Lagoa can be vaccinated quickly and safely,” it said.

Meanwhile in Faro, the vaccination hub is based inside the municipal pavilion of Penha. It was set up throughout the last couple of weeks and will be able to vaccinate around 600 people per day, according to the local council.