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Ladies meet for lunch on time

Nearly 80 women from all of the various women’s lunch clubs across the Algarve met for their annual lunch at The Holiday Inn Algarve in Armação de Pêra on Thursday last week.

Sheena Rawcliffe, Associate Director of the Algarve Resident, was invited once again this year to be the speaker.

Sheena spoke on the subject of ‘time’, something which she pointed out we had no control over, but needed to make the best of.

When working towards her A level English Literature, Sheena studied W H Davies and she read to the assembled company his poem ‘Leisure’.

Sheena said that whilst we need to make the most of the time we have (for we do not know how much time that is), we also need to take time “to stop and stare” as promoted by W H Davies.

Sheena highlighted that we are fortunate to have been born into and live in countries where our life expectancy is more than the threescore years and ten mentioned in the Bible; unlike those living in places such as Mozambique where the average life expectancy for both men and women can be less than 40 years.

With her usual enthusiasm for life and the topic on which she was speaking, Sheena encouraged all to regret nothing, not to spend time on negative issues (for they will still be there no matter how much time is spent thinking about them) and to live every moment to the full.

Helen Denman thanked Sheena for her talk and said that they looked forward to welcoming her as the speaker again next year.

Groups attending the lunch were the Eastern Algarve Ladies Lunch Club, Central Algarve Ladies Lunch Club, As Serranas, Western Ladies Club, Far West Ladies Lunch Bunch and The  Algarve Ladies’ Lunch (Tall) club.

To contact any of the groups, please call coordinator Carole Good-Dixon on 966 571 639 or email [email protected]