“La Ronalda” hopes to win through for Portugal at next year’s Eurovision

“La Ronalda”, aka Katia Aveiro – best known as the beaming big sister of football sensation Cristiano Ronaldo – has launched a bid to represent Portugal in next year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

According to the UK’s Daily Mirror, Aveiro believes she is the woman to end our Iberian nation’s “drought” at “everyone’s favourite pan-European sing-along”.

Tweeting recently, the 38-year-old who basks in her younger brother’s fame told “Eurofans” that representing Portugal “would be a dream”.

Working with Lady Gaga producer RedOne she is busy “sculpting together” what the Mirror calls a “high-energy pop ditty” which will then be put to public vote.

For a taste of La Ronalda’s pop ditty talent click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kCFviFyxnkw

For the record, Portugal has never excelled at Eurovision, having only reached the top 10 nine times since 1965.
According to Wikipedia, the only “record” Portugal holds is that of the country that has most appeared without a win.

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Photo: Facebook