Knife attacker arrested in Meia Praia after traffic brawl

A petty traffic brawl between two men turned into a full-fledged fight last week in Meia Praia, Lagos.

Police were on a routine patrol last Wednesday when they spotted a knife-wielding man chasing another.

A GNR police source told Correio da Manhã tabloid: “They were two drivers. One of them stopped at a pedestrian crossing, but the other did not want to stop. They started an argument which turned into insults and then attacks. One of them used a knife to attack the other, who defended himself with an iron bar.”

The knife attacker, 55, hit the other in the chest and was chasing after him when police arrived.

Both men received medical assistance and were taken to different hospitals in Portimão and Lagos, being released shortly after.

The knife attacker was arrested and heard in court. Meantime, CM reports that an inquiry has been opened.

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