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Kiss, kiss, kiss!

The silliest couple in Torontál take to the stage at the Museum in São Brás on May 20 and 21 in the Aperitivo Performance Group’s presentation of The Mayor of Torontál.

The harassed Mayor has to cope with the problems of all the citizens of Torontál, including those of newlyweds Zuczka and Alexander.

But, at the moment, it seems as if all the problems revolve around the same person – “that foreign woman who has come to stay”.

Who is the mysterious Madame Baranya? Why are all the citizens up in arms against her? And what has she done to make young Alexander give her two of his new wife’s best petticoats?

You can discover the answers in this farce, which is the main course in Aperitivo’s evening of theatre.

Also on the Bill of Fare is a new short play by Jane Page, Love in the Canil, a piece mirroring a slice of Algarvian life and various skits on the problems of womankind.

For more information, please contact email aperitivoperformancegroup@gmail.com or visit the website of the Friends of the Museum at www.amigos-museu-sbras.org