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Kiss Fm sounds

Dear Editor,

What in the world has happened to good old Kiss FM? Over the last 10 years, Kiss FM has often been my radio station of choice between 9am and 6pm, normally whilst driving, but right now, with the exceptions of Marc Damon’s weekday lunchtime show and Owen Gee and Marc’s Sunday shows. I’d rather listen to nothing at all!

I heard that the station had been sold over the last 12 months. Well, who have they put in charge of selecting the play-list? Presumably some 16 year-old doing ‘job experience’ work. Now, I understand that at 62 years of age my tastes cannot be the same as others who are younger. However, taste is the key word here.

I love music of all sorts and a good contemporary pop song pleases me as much as a piece of trad-jazz or a classical track. My taste in music is extremely eclectic. In my view, many of the tracks selected by Kiss’s “16 year-old” cannot be described as ‘music’ and neither can the ‘lyrics’ (can they be called lyrics?) be described as being in good taste.

Simply from an economic perspective I would think that advertisers, who ultimately pay for the radio station, should feel that the music selections are being matched to their client profile. I would further suggest that most advertisers are targeting predominantly ex-pat resident listeners with an age range between 45 and 75.

Come on Kiss. Let’s have more easy listening music during the day and leave the *RAP for late at night! What do others think?


Editor’s note: We asked Kiss FM to respond. David Perpétuo, Kiss Fm Manager, said: “Kiss Fm has been operating in Albufeira for almost 20 years and since its beginning, Kiss Fm has followed a Top 40 music format.

Kiss Fm is a bilingual radio station which means that it reaches two different target audiences: Portuguese and English. The Portuguese target is from 25-35 years of age and the English is from 45+.

Having said that, it is not only the music that captures these age groups, but it is also researched so that it satisfies our commercial clients.

In order to reach both targets within the same day, we have specific programmes that cater to the English speaking community whose contents we believe are of interest and beneficial to the Kiss Fm listeners. Examples of informative contents are the news, weather and exchange rates and also of entertainment such as Kiss Klassix, Solid Gold Sunday, Soul Spectrum, etc. Kiss Fm also has Portuguese DJs on air from 8am to 12pm and from 3pm to 7pm.

Going back to Kiss Fm´s playlist, even though we revisit classics from the 80s and 90s, the main structure of Kiss Fm´s playlist is today´s commercial pop music. This means that we pay close attention to the weekly sales and air play music charts from Portugal and the United Kingdom. The world is constantly changing and so is music.

Naturally during summer the music released is fresher and more upbeat and this is what Kiss Fm is playing now, this happens every season.

At Kiss Fm we are very pleased and proud to notice that everyday more and more shops and businesses are tuned to Kiss Fm and everyday we have positive feedback from listeners and clients.

Our goal at Kiss Fm is to satisfy the needs of our clients and listeners and to improve everyday, so all suggestions and feedback are always welcome and appreciated. Keep it Kiss!”