Kira opening

news: Kira opening

Augusto Cabrita Municipal Auditorium (AMAC) recently re-opened its doors to the public with a painting exhibition by Kira. On the day of the opening, the President of Barreiro Câmara, Emídio Xavier, and the Culture President, Amílcar Romano, congratulated the talented artist. “Kira’s work is a local, national and even an international reference point, bringing a new phase to the painting,” Xavier said during the opening ceremony.

“Naturally, we are very happy to dedicate a space in the AMAC to this exhibition, which is part of the ‘barreirenses’ culture. From now on, we are going to help other home grown talent to exhibit their work here,” Xavier concluded. A total of 33 acrylic paintings remain on exhibition until October 31. According to the artist, the paintings are based on Barreiro’s scenery and natural beauty. Call 212 068 209 for more information.