Kind and helpful GNR officer

Dear Editor,

I sent a Letter to the Editor last week regarding speed traps. I would like to thank the very kind and very helpful GNR officer, who was waiting patiently with a ticket (four numbers in front of me) in the Correios (Post Office) in Albufeira last Wednesday, which was heaving with customers.

This is where the speeding fine had to be paid and nowhere else. Those who know where the Post Office is will know the problems parking; and those who don’t know, it is a nightmare to find (my driving offence took place in Tavira).

I spent half the morning driving around trying to find said post office (and yes, I did Google for directions).

I diverse back to the GNR officer… Having shown him my fine documents and asking if I was in the correct place to pay, he informed me I was. When his number came up and he proceeded to the counter, he called me over and swapped his ticket for mine and informed the counter operator to process my fine asap.

It was two minutes to 12; if I had paid after 12 my fine would have increased to €600 from €120. Having paid and thanking this officer for his help, he then asked me to follow his car and he would show me where to collect my driving licence. So once again THANK YOU.

Speed traps are everywhere now, so keep to the limits or pay the consequences.

Leonard Beard

By email