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KILLING GROUND by Jack Higgins is out in paperback at 9.80 euros.

For intelligence operative Sean Dillon, it is a routine passport check but the events to which it will lead will be as bloody as any he has ever known. The man he stops at Heathrow airport is Caspar Rashid, born and bred in England, but with family ties to a Bedouin tribe fiercely wedded to the old ways, as Rashid has just found out to his pain.

His thirteen-year-old daughter, Sara, has been kidnapped by Rashid’s own father and taken to Iraq to be married to a man known as the Hammer of God, one of the Middle East’s most feared terrorists.

Dillon has had his own run-ins with that particular tribe in his army intelligence career and when the distraught man begs him for help, he sees a chance to settle some old scores.  Little does Dillon realise the consequences of the terrible chain of events he is about to unleash, nor of the violent and determined enemies he is about to gain. Before the end of his journey, many men will die and Dillon could be one of them.

Jack Higgins was a soldier and then a teacher before becoming a full-time writer. ‘The Eagle Has Landed’ turned him into an international bestselling author and his novels have since sold over 250 million copies and been translated into fifty-five languages. Killing Ground is an excellent thriller and perfect for fans of Gerald Seymour and Clive Cussler.