Killer jailed for murder of ‘friend’

A 20-year-old man has been jailed for 19 years for murdering a friend in an abandoned shack in Senhor Roubado, Odivelas (Lisbon district), in February 2012.

Márcio Fresco killed 19-year-old Tiago Santos aided by an accomplice, who at the time was a minor and who was also sentenced to prison, but was not considered the prime perpetrator of the crime.

The victim was lured to the unused shack to supposedly speak about the killer’s girlfriend having been robbed. However, when he arrived at the site, he was brutally beaten and stabbed 13 times.

They then set the body on fire and left the premises. Reasons behind the murder are unclear, but Correio da Manhã newspaper reported that drug deals gone wrong may have been the motive.