Killer hornets sting 63-year-old to death in Vila Verde, Braga

A 63-year-old man has died in Vila Verde (Braga) after being stung by a swarm of killer hornets, otherwise known as Asiatic wasps. These lethal bugs were described less than a year ago as being “due in Lisbon by 2017 and in the Algarve two years later”. But now forecasts may have to be reviewed downwards. José Gomes, a former migrant to the US, was clearing land next to his house in Cervães.

He made it home but died before rescue services could reach him, reports Correio da Manhã.

To add to the tragedy, his body was left where it lay for over five hours as the GNR grappled with “technical problems” affecting the local station’s two vehicles.

Gomes’ family was reported as being “very upset”.

“The delay was unacceptable”, said the dead man’s cousin, Luís Oliveira.