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KILLER HEAT by Linda Fairstein

In District Attorney Alexandra Cooper’s line of work, the discovery of a corpse isn’t unusual. Not even the corpse of a young woman who was bound, bludgeoned and tortured to death. It’s the location which is unusual – an abandoned ferry terminal at the southern tip of Manhattan. The ferries from here only went to one destination, the now uninhabited Governors Island, also known as Ghost Island.

The corpse is identified as that of a part-time prostitute with a sideline in kinky and a high-end client list. A list to kill for and, clearly, to die for … but the list is missing, and so is another girl. When her body is found, it’s in another deserted location.  Alex, along with Detectives Mike Chapman and Mercer Wallace, fear the killer will find more victims before they can identify him.

There is a faint trail to follow and there is a rape case for Alex to prosecute in a courtroom peppered with her enemies seeking a rougher kind of justice. When another young woman disappears at an isolated site not far from Governors Island, Alex knows where her priorities lie and she has no hesitation in joining the desperate hunt for a singularly depraved murderer. A chase which catapults her into a chilling encounter.

Linda Fairstein is an American crime fiction writer with a growing following outside the USA. This is her 10th book in the series featuring lawyer Alexandra Cooper.