archive photo of Portuguese goats

‘Killer goat’ strikes again in Abrantes

A goat who has already killed one woman in the parish of Pego, Abrantes (click here), has struck again – this time targeting a 57-year-old man.

Fortunately Joaquim Serrano was carrying an umbrella, and had the sang-froid to wallop the animal over the mouth.

Posing with his umbrella for Correio da Manhã today, he said: “I was just walking along and he (the goat) came right up to me, raised his hooves up so that he was much taller than me, showing his chest. Thank goodness I had my umbrella with me. I hit him in the mouth, but even so he tried to chase me…”

Mr Serrano took hold of the goats ‘cord’ (round his neck) and somehow managed to tether him so that he couldn’t do any further harm.

Says the paper, the attack that killed 80-year-old Maria Rosa Silvestre at the end of August was definitely not the first, just the worst.

Mr Serrano’s aunt has also been a victim of the ill-tempered goat.

Meantime, Maria Rosa Silvestre’s niece has described the “horrible death” her aunt suffered.

As is often the case in small communities, the goat’s owner knew Maria Rosa Silvestre.

She told CM: “I just want the goat to disappear…” In fact 77-year-old Hermínia Lucas says she has had sleepless nights since the animal killed Maria Rosa Silvestre, and has had to take medication for anxiety.

Locals too say they are “frightened to go out into the streets” now – in case they cross paths with the goat.

With luck, this situation will not last much longer. The Public Ministry is  “investigating” the case in the wake of Maria Rosa Silvestre’s horrible death says CM – and some solution will almost certaintly be found to free the rest of the community from living in constant fear.

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