Kidnapped woman evades Monchique house-raiders by leaping from moving car

A woman kidnapped during a house-raid in Monchique managed to outwit her captors by leaping from their moving car as they made for an ATM machine.

The woman escaped close to the town’s GNR police station, and raised the alarm.

Her attackers, a young man aged 23 and a younger woman, aged 20, were both detained the next day.

The nightmare experience took place in the early hours of last Friday morning when the woman and her partner were asleep in their home, in the rural wilds of the borough, reports Correio da Manhã.

Wielding knives and “using force”, the two raiders, both “with their faces covered”, tied the couple up and plundered various household objects, including “items of gold”, says the paper.

“But they were not satisfied and decided to take the woman to make her withdraw money from the cash machine.

“It was during the journey that the victim, as far as CM can understand, managed to remove her seatbelt, open the car door and jump from the moving car”.

PJ police were “actioned”, and within a day the suspects had been arrested. They have appeared before a magistrate and been released subject to daily reporting to the local police station.

CM’s report does not mention the age of the victims. It is also unclear as to whether all the stolen items have since been recovered.

The woman is described as having sustained “bruises and injuries” as a result of the attack.

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