Kidnap dad who kept daughter in attic gets former job back with Maritime Police

Kidnap dad Paulo Guiomar is out on parole from the three year jail term he received for abducting his seven year old daughter, and back working in Faro’s Maritime Police.

According to Correio da Manhã, the only condition imposed on the father still barred from even seeing his daughter is that he doesn’t carry a service revolver.

Guiomar is working in admin, says CM – having completed two thirds of his sentence.

His daughter, Maria Alice is now 12 and back living with her mother, Carla Evangelista who spent two years desperate to discover the child’s whereabouts (click here).

Evangelista is described as “refusing to make any commentary” on the situation.

It is known that Maria Alice was profoundly affected by her years ‘on the run’ with Guiomar and his mother, Maria Dolores.

The child told the court trying her father for kidnap that she had her hair cut “to look like a boy” and spent time in numerous places, including an attic in Belgium “that had no windows”.

Sentencing Guiomar, one of the judges said the situation “should never have happened” and caused Maria Alice “serious upsets which she has not yet been able to process”.

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