Key new law adds seven years to parental commitments

Published yesterday in Diário da República, a new law coming into effect on October 1 sees Portugal’s parents obliged to pay a food allowance for their offspring up until the age of 25. It is a seven-year hike in commitments designed to support young people who seek to continue further education or professional training.

As Portuguese media is explaining, the current law only covers children up to the age of 18 – and in the case of divorced or separated families, parents often stop paying what are termed food subsidies at this point.

“It’s a huge legislative alteration”, lawyer Rita Sassetti told Observador website. “A great step forwards, without doubt”.

The new law, integrated within the Civil Code adds: “The parent who assumes principal responsibility for paying the expenses of older children who cannot support themselves can demand a contribution from the other parent for the sustenance and education of those children”.

TVI24 stresses that the law refers only to children who are studying or undergoing professional training.

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