Kennel controversy


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RESIDENTS IN Areeiro, Loulé, have been complaining to the câmara for a year and appealing to have the kennels at Merry Legs Pet Resort and Care Centre demolished.

Several years ago, a previous owner constructed kennels, next to an already existing and fully licensed veterinary clinic, without the permission of the câmara.

A demolition order was made by Loulé Câmara last year after residents submitted a petition in opposition to the kennels. Neighbours allege that the dogs barking are keeping them up at night and disrupting their lives. The câmara has to this date not demolished the kennels.

When the new owners took over, they requested a full licence for the kennels and have recently submitted plans to the câmara for the development of a purpose-built pet care centre on the site where the present kennels exist.

The owners told The Resident that “the plans include 15 pet apartments, over an area smaller than the current construction”. Along with the application, they also submitted an acoustic report. The apartments will be lined with sound absorbing material to “eliminate any possible breach of noise regulation”.

Once this has been approved, the owners said “we can have it built in three months” and are currently liaising with the Ministry of Agriculture, in order to maintain the highest possible health and safety standards.

One resident has said that he has been assured that the câmara will not grant the kennels a licence and he will continue to oppose it.

Another resident, Armando Costa, said “the legal department of the câmara is also at fault here”, for not dealing with the situation swiftly.

At the time of going to press, the owners had not heard from the câmara about licensing approval.

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