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Keith Duffy supports local Bombeiros at camping party

By DAISY SAMPSON [email protected]

Boyzone singer and Coronation Street star Keith Duffy was the guest of honour at a charity hog roast held at the Albufeira Camping and Caravanning site on January 22.

The event, organised by Bob and Lyn Geary, was open to all the campers on the site and the general public in a bid to raise money for the local Bombeiros.

In total, more than €1,300 was raised for the voluntary service, with money being donated on the day which included a charity auction of a photograph with Keith Duffy.

Bob Geary told the Algarve Resident: “We were overwhelmed by people’s generosity to this worthy cause and were extremely grateful to Keith Duffy for taking time out of his busy schedule to attend this event at the campsite.”

Keith Duffy with rally members Joan Openshaw and Annette Coomber.
Keith Duffy with rally members Joan Openshaw and Annette Coomber.

Lyn Geary added: “Keith made the day very memorable by laughing and joking with the crowd and to top it all, he ended up singing with his father and inviting everyone to join in before signing photographs and mixing with everyone.”

Rally members Annette Coomber and Joan Openshaw were the successful winners of the charity auction to win an exclusive photo with Keith Duffy and took the opportunity to speak with the Irish star as they had their pictures taken.

“It was a day to remember,” added Bob Geary. “There was plenty of food, a pig roast, chips and drinks. The site also provided a professional singer, Edson, to entertain us and the crowd enjoyed all the singing and dancing.”

Keith Duffy was staying in the Algarve for the weekend in a friend’s caravan on the site and said how he has always enjoyed camping as a child and an adult.

Organisers of the event Bob and Lyn Geary with Keith Duffy.
Organisers of the event Bob and Lyn Geary with Keith Duffy.

“I have even been camping with the other members of Boyzone.  We had a couple of tents and sleeping bags and camped in a remote forest in Roundwood in Ireland,” he said. “We set up the tents and a fire next to a river.  It was really nice to get away all together and relax with no pubs and lots of privacy.”

He also spoke about his most recent camping trip following the Inca trail in the Andes in Peru.  “I was in a group working its way up to the hidden city at the top of the mountain. The temperatures were unbelievable. During the day we were in shorts and T-shirts but in the evenings it dropped down to -15°C.”

He added: “At the end of a long day of walking, a mate and I decided to go for a swim in a nearby river only to find that it was a lot further than we originally thought. We had our swim and then walked on to a bar. When we arrived there, they saw we had towels and advised us not to go into the river as it was full of alligators!”