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Kebab house hero denied return to Portugal

Mustafa Kartal, the man who was assaulted while protecting his kebab house in Lisbon from a drunken mob of young people last April, is being refused a visa to return to Portugal after travelling to Turkey to see his wife and daughters.
He told Correio da Manhã tabloid that every time he tries to return, the Portuguese Embassy in Turkey asks him for more documents.

“They ask me for a document, I hand it over and they tell me to wait. Then they ask for another paper and the situation repeats itself,” the 35-year-old said, adding that this has been happening nearly every week since he returned to Turkey in July.

Kartal, who was caught on camera on April 25 (Bank Holiday) fending off a group of angry youngsters at his Palácio de Kebab in Cais de Sodré (click here), fears his business might have to close if he does not return to Portugal soon.
For now, however, he says his restaurant is being run by his accountant. He says it is “legal” and his taxes are all in order.

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