Kate McCann reveals her torment in new book

By DAISY SAMPSON daisy.sampson@theresidentgroup.com

Extracts from the new book written by Kate McCann, the mother of Madeleine who went missing from her family holiday apartment in Praia da Luz four years ago, have shown the world another side of the case.

The book, entitled Madeleine, was due for general release in the UK yesterday (Thursday) while it will be available in Portugal from May 23. However, extracts have already been printed in the British newspaper, The Sun.

In the extracts, Kate McCann recounts what happened on May 3 2007 and her feelings as she discovered that her daughter was missing.

“My heart lurched as I saw now that, behind them, the window was wide open and the shutters on the outside raised all the way up. Nausea, terror, disbelief, fear.  Icy fear.  Dear God, no!  Please, no,” writes Kate McCann.

“I vividly recall sobbing: ‘Not Madeleine, not Madeleine, not Madeleine.’  I was trying so hard to suppress the negative voice in my head tormenting me with the words: ‘She’s gone.  She’s gone.’

“Gerry and I were standing in the living room clutching each other, utterly distraught.  I couldn’t help myself, let alone try to soothe Gerry, who was in a state too harrowing for me to bear, howling for my precious girl.”

The personal account of the case and how it was handled, from the moment they called the police and waited for their arrival, to being made official suspects in the case and the continued search for their daughter, has brought renewed attention to the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.

Intense heartache

Kate McCann wrote on the official findmadeleine.com website: “It is a relief that the end of this intense period is now insight.  We hope and pray that it will bring the result we long for and that not only the book but this whole ordeal and heartache will be behind us before too much longer.”

Money raised from the sale of the book will be used to boost the fund to help find Madeleine: “Every penny raised from the sale of the books will be put into looking for Madeleine.  There is nothing more important than finding our little girl,” said Kate McCann.