Justin Bieber still plays with water balloons

Justin Bieber, the teenage pop star, escaped arrest in America despite hitting a police officer with a water balloon.

The 16 year-old, who rose to fame through YouTube, was accused of inappropriate behaviour before a Maryland State Fair concert, in Baltimore, US.

The Canadian heart-throb, who has nurtured a clean-cut image, was said to be horsing around with members of his staff when he threw the water-filled projectiles at two state police troopers.

One of the balloons was said to have hit one trooper’s gun belt and burst, while the other brushed his colleague on the chest but did not burst.

According to American reports, after fleeing back to his trailer, Bieber was saved by a bodyguard who allegedly convinced police not to arrest the singing sensation.

“Still laughing. GREAT DAY,” Bieber posted on Twitter, the micro-blogging site, later that night. It remains unclear what he was referring to.

A state police spokesman confirmed Bieber threw water balloons at two troopers while “horsing around with members of his staff.”

While describing it as inappropriate behaviour, he said no further action would be taken by police. No incident report was written either, he added.