Justice-seekers announce new Algarve show of force for murdered Portimão teen

“Please share this. Don’t ignore it. Everything has been so sad”. This is the way a tight-knit group fighting for justice over the murder of 15-year-old Rodrigo Lapa have announced a new initiative to try and force the hand of Portuguese authorities which “seem to be doing nothing”.

The plan is for a silent demonstration in front of the Public Ministry in Portimão on Saturday September 24 at 2pm.

“We just want to show that we continue to be outraged with the silence of the public ministry”, says the latest post from the Facebook group ‘Rodrigo Lapa, o nosso menino’.

“We want to break them to break the silence and start taking steps, as six months have passed, and nothing” has changed. “Rodrigo was killed in his own home, and his murderers are free”.

“Rodrigo deserves that all his friends and Portimão appear together”, adds the post which follows news that the group has made contact with a purported friend in Brazil, who is providing it with information on the activities and whereabouts of the principal suspect in this case, Joaquim Lara Pinto (click here).
Despite the fact that PJ police cited Lara Pinto as the man they wish to interview over Rodrigo’s brutal murder, the lack of an extradition agreement with Brazil means no official requests appear to have been made.

The “peaceful protest” now being called asks people to wear black tops/ tshirts.

Meantime, collections have been made via social media for a ‘gavetão’ for Rodrigo – a permanent shrine at Estombar cemetery – which the group hopes to be able to purchase by the end of the year.

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