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Just admit you got it wrong!

Dear Editor,

As a property owner in the Algarve and a regular visitor to the country, I agree totally with what you have said about the A22 toll road and the system for collecting the toll money especially for tourists hiring cars during their stay.

It would be far easier to have pay booths on the A22 just as they have in other areas of Portugal and is a simple way of collecting/paying the tolls whereas the new system means that someone hiring a car for two weeks has to repeatedly visit a payment facility every few days.

It may not put people off visiting the Algarve but it may deter them from hiring a vehicle for the duration of their vacation due to the inconvenience of paying by this method.

Before too many foreign visitors are put off by this fiasco, the government agency responsible should hold up their hands and say “OK, we got this wrong – please bring alternatives to the discussion table” before the damage is done.


By email