Junior tennis player hits a winner

Evan Morgan, aged 13, has scored great success reaching No.2 in the new 2015 Portuguese Tennis Federation National rankings for the Sub 14 category.

After a busy 2014 schedule playing tournaments all over Portugal, during which he achieved significant tournament victories in Santarém and Évora, he now starts the new year in his highest ranking position to date.

Evan trains at the Jim Stewart Tennis Academy in Quinta do Lago, and his success is due to a team effort under the guidance of his technical coach Roque Rocha, and team coach Zé Lopes.

His parents Karen and Graham Morgan work together with Physiotherapist Karen Peters to ensure that his physical conditioning, preparation and recovery are managed and optimised in the best possible way.

Evan started playing tennis at the age of six and his progress has been due to the commitment and focus he has shown in training and matches. At age 10 and 12, he won the Algarve Regional Championships in both of these age groups and has been invited to the National Selection Training Camp in the Sub 12 and Sub 14 age groups for the last three years.

An exciting year lays ahead, which will see him competing in junior sub 14 and sub 16 tournaments as well as some senior team competitions.

In addition to tournaments in Portugal, he will travel and compete on the Tennis Europe Junior Tour, playing events in destinations throughout Europe.

This is the tour that current stars like Novak Djokovic, Rafael Nadal and Andy Murray played during their junior careers.