June is “cataplana month” in Castro Marim and Altura

Castro Marim and Altura are hosting their third ‘Festa da Cataplana’ event, running at 14 seaside restaurants throughout the month of June.

Each restaurant has prepared at least two different versions of a traditional cataplana (fish stew).

Cooked in a copper clam-shaped pot, cataplanas are made mostly with shellfish but can also include several other types of fish, as well as meat.

According to Castro Marim’s deputy mayor Filomena Sintra, the cataplana is every bit as important a “tourist attraction” to the Algarve as “the sun and our beaches”

Here are the restaurants offering up this June’s delicacies:
• Bate Que Eu Abro
• Belinha
• D. Rodrigo
• Fernando
• Infante Panorâmico
• Marés
• Marés II
• O Charco
• O Infante
• O Pescador
• Pérola do Atlântico
• Sem Espinhas
• Senhor Sapo
• Ti Zé
• Zé da Tasca 2