Jumbo named (again) Portugal’s cheapest supermarket

Jumbo has yet again been elected the cheapest supermarket in Portugal, according to a study by consumer watchdog DECO. But “competition is on fire”, the organisation warns, saying: “Jumbo is leading the race with the lowest prices, but Pingo Doce is trying not to be left behind.”

In fact, the chain owned by Jerónimo Martins has been able to dethrone Continente as Portugal’s second cheapest supermarket.

To find the winning place for bargains, 83 products were placed into two different shopping carts – one with the most popular and sold brands, and another combining some of the most sold with some of the supermarket’s brands.

In both, Jumbo won hands down with the lowest prices followed by Pingo Doce and Continente.

Beginning its list of tips, DECO says that “changing habits, such as trading some products for similar ones of cheaper brands, can save you an average of 24%”.

Also, in many towns, “all you have to do is cross the street or walk around the corner to save money,” adding that choosing the right supermarket can save people “€350 per year”.

The association analysed 54,208 prices in 480 supermarkets – four of them online – in 77 municipalities.

A simulator designed to show people where they can find the country’s cheapest supermarkets is available online at (click here).