pexels photo: Galvão Menacho

July sees electricity consumption in Portugal break all records

Summer heatwave has everyone using air con and fans; staying at home

Electricity consumption in Portugal rose 7.2% last month compared to the same period last year due to the stonkingly high temperatures.

Says Lusa, consumption reached the highest summer consumption ever on Wednesday July 13.

Information released by REN – Redes Energéticas Nacionais, shows consumption of 163.5 GWh (gigawatt-hours) – surpassing the previous maximum, recorded in 2010.

According to the same data, “with correction of the effects of temperature and number of working days, there was a year-on-year monthly growth of 4.9%” in consumption.

But while consumption is increasing, production from renewables is right down: “The hydroelectric regime continues dry”, says REN, with a productivity index of 0.30 (historical average of 1), while wind “was also below average, with 0.88 (historical average of 1).

Only solar kept up with its normal level of production.

According to REN, “renewable production supplied 36% of consumption, non-renewable 35%, while the remaining 29% corresponded to imported energy”. 

In the period “January to July, hydroelectric production index registered 0.34 (historical average of 1), wind production 0.94 and solar production 1.10. 

“Renewable production supplied 46% of consumption, divided between wind with 24%, hydroelectric with 10%, biomass with 7% and photovoltaic with 5%”, while natural gas production supplied 32% of consumption and the remaining 22% corresponded to imported energy”.

Between January and July, natural gas consumption was practically in line with the same period last year, said REN, adding that “supply of the national system” remains “almost entirely from the Sines LNG terminal”.

Source: LUSA