Judges’ “wild sex in chambers” dossier makes eye-popping reading in Lisbon

A dossier of steamy extra-marital sex between Lisbon judges has left regulators “shaken but not stirred”. The bottom line, they conclude, is that copulation of “the most varied natures” is not illegal when performed by consenting adults – nor should it be the subject of disciplinary procedures because those adults are among the highest law-makers in the land.

The fact that the sessions went ahead in private chambers in one of the capital’s courthouses seems also to be perfectly acceptable.

The love rats were ‘outed’ last year by an anonymous tip-off, initially attributed to the ‘betrayed husband’ of the female judge.

According to reports, the affair started with “kisses in the courthouse elevator” and quickly progressed to sex acts in the woman’s private chambers.

Bizarrely, her lover, also a judge in the same court, then sent provocative texts to the woman’s husband, including links to pornographic films on the internet so that he could see “the kind of sex acts being consummated with his wife”.

The texts are understood to have become increasingly unpleasant, with bountiful references to the female judge’s anatomy as well as invitations to access photographs by email that would show unusual resting places of the male judge’s private parts.

Nevertheless, the case that sheds new light on the reasons for the much-criticised sloth of Portuguese justice does not appear to have concerned elders at the Superior Council of Magistrature (CSM).

Signing off an inquiry into the ethical implications of the judges’ behaviour, councillor António Piçarra consigned the case to the archives saying there was “nothing that pointed to the existence of disciplinary responsibility for either of the magistrates concerned”.

CSM is understood to have archived the case recently, following reports from an inspector and a member of the board.

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