Judges set conditions for former council worker accused of “diverting €121,000” to walk free

In an extraordinary decision by Coimbra judges, a former council worker accused of diverting €121,000 of municipal money has been given a suspended prison sentence on the condition that he pay back €12,500 a year, for three years. On the basis that the total payback will amount to €37,000, it appears, on paper at least, that the defendant is excused of the remaining €84,000.

All that Correio da Manhã explained was that the former worker, and his wife, were both employed by Coimbra’s municipal transports company, and that they were both “condemned” for the crime of money-laundering, while the husband was found guilty of theft, as well.

The crimes date back to the period 2007-2011, and the husband has been handed a five-year suspended sentence, while the wife has received a suspended prison sentence of three years.

No mention at all is made in CM over what happened to the missing money.