Judge preparing to sue critics ‘will no longer preside over cases involving domestic violence’

Controversial judge Joaquim Neto de Moura – officially ‘warned’ over his decision making (click here), and apparently intent on suing many of his critics as he can find (click here) – is to stop presiding over cases involving domestic violence.

The development in consensual, explain reports.

Indeed, Neto de Moura first asked to be released from judging these cases last year following the notoriety of his ‘Biblical ruling’ of an adulteress (click here).

At the time, the Supreme Tribunal of Justice denied his request.

Now, Guilherme Figueiredo president of Porto’s appeals court has decided ‘enough is enough’.

Neto de Moura is to be transferred to the court’s civil division, where reports say he will hear appeals “relating to traffic accidents, contracts and requests for compensation”.

“Justice is on a good path”, Figueiredo is quoted as telling tabloid Correio da Manhã.

It is time to “protect the image of the courts and justice itself”, he told reporters, describing a “climate of distrust among citizens and even among foreigners”.

Neto de Moura’s ‘Biblical’ judgement caused a flurry of interest in the international press, both in UK and the US, and there has more recently been an outpouring of scorn on his decision to sue critics for anything up to €100,000 each.

Writing in Jornal das Notícias earlier this week, Bloco de Esquerda MP Mariana Mortágua suggests the judge should take advantage of women coming out in support of International Women’s Day (on Friday) to “sue everyone”.

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