Judge lets police shooter walk free

A judge has allowed an alleged thief who shot an off-duty policeman walk free, pending his next court appearance. The policeman remains interned in hospital.

This bizarre story began last Thursday, when PSP agent José Peres, 26, tried to recover a stolen motorcycle from the alleged shooter’s home in Montijo.

The motorcycle belonged to Peres, explained Correio da Manhã. The young agent believed it had been stolen by the man who ended up accused of shooting him, but did not get anywhere when he went to confront him.

This is because the 48-year-old suspect went to fetch his shotgun, explains CM.

As Peres walked away from the man’s property, the 48-year-old fairground worker is alleged to have aimed his gun from an upstairs window, “effecting two shots”, one of which hit the policeman.

He then allegedly tried to make a break for it, being stopped by police shortly afterwards.

Presented before the judge, police told how the man had hidden his shotgun in a neighbour’s house and dropped two cartridges into a vase of flowers.

The case is being investigated by Setúbal PJ, says CM, while the whereabouts of agent Peres’ motorcycle remains a mystery.

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