Judge censured after calling registrar a donkey

A Torres Novas judge with a reputation for upsetting his staff has been slapped with a 60-day period of enforced absence following an extraordinary outburst in which he is understood to have called his female registrar “the stupidest of all donkeys”. The butt of his insults is understood to have been “so upset that she fainted”. It was not apparently the first case of this particular judge haranguing his staff.

National tabloid Correio da Manhã carries the full story this week, detailing how the Supreme Tribunal of Justice considered the lawman “had a habit of humiliating court workers”.

“The magistrate is considered to be a harsh person who generates fear and apprehension among all those who work with him,” said the final ruling.

His mean-spirited attitude apparently extends to lawyers and other judges, explains CM.

The case that led to his latest punishment – 60 days in which he will be unable to draw a salary – took place in 2013 when the registrar had been found to have “made some mistakes”.

These involved not having taken a case to the judge’s office, and failing to notify witnesses.

When she realised her mistake, the woman apologised, but the judge “reacted violently, informing her in a very loud voice that she was the most incompetent of incompetents and therefore the stupidest of all donkeys”.

At this point, the woman “became very upset” and “ended up fainting”.

CM reports that despite the judge’s reputation for rudeness, the registrar had not been responsible for filing the complaint.

Throughout the disciplinary hearing, the judge is understood to have denied insulting behaviour.

CM adds that the registrar “is considered a competent worker” by all those who work with her.

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