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JS Advisers is a company dedicated to the provision of services focused on fiscal support to residents and non-residents in Portuguese territory, as well as to local rental business activity and car importation, which has been a topic of increasingly growing interest. We are located in the south of Portugal, more precisely in the very beautiful and touristic area of the Algarve, but we are able to assist every potential client remotely too. We are happy to clarify any doubts that you may have concerning legal matters, tax affairs and personal investments.

The IRS Tax Return preparation and submission is one of our main areas of expertise, dedicated to international citizens who do not understand the Portuguese legislation, and, at the same time, are looking for tax benefits and opportunities to invest their income.

With our guidance, we can prevent you from being double-taxed, saving you time and money, whilst allowing you to concentrate on enjoying your free-time and the amazing Portuguese scenery.

If you can relate to this, why not schedule an appointment with us? If you would like to know more about moving to Portugal or investing in this stunning country, you may find it useful to book a consultancy meeting, so you can fully understand the Portuguese tax system before you start working on your relocation plan. We will provide you with useful information, helping you make the right decisions, and send you a summary of the topics discussed and suggestions made throughout our meeting after it, so you can be sure you have not missed anything.

When it comes to taxes, you need to choose wisely regarding all the fiscal obligations you need to comply with in Portugal – choose JS Advisers.

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