Ministro da Administração Interna na presentação do concurso público internacional para o fornecimento de serviços ao SIRESP
Internal administration minister, José Luis Carneiro, considered the best minister in the PS government - Photo: MÁRIO CRUZ/LUSA

José Luís Carneiro announces candidacy for PS Socialist leadership

Seen for a long time as a ‘safe pair of hands’/ a minister to whom mud not only doesn’t stick but has never been in the picture, José Luís Carneiro has announced his intention to run for leadership of the PS Socialist party in the upcoming legislative elections. It is widely believed he will be the only ‘other candidate’ beyond former minister of infrastructure Pedro Nuno Santos, who has long been touted as the ‘successor’ to António Costa. While Nuno Santos is definitely to the ‘left’ of the party, José Luís Carneiro is much more ‘a solid middle-of-the-road Socialist, popular with many PS supporters.