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Jorge in Wonderland

THE APERITIVO theatre group will be performing Jorge in Wonderland, an alternative comedy, in four languages simultaneously at the São Bràs Museum next month.

Find out why the dormouse is in the teapot at this comedy show, which tells the story of young Jorge and the White Rabbit who go on a quest to save the little creature.

Their quest is helped and hindered by Tweedledum and Tweedledee, the Caterpillar and the Ladybird, the Walrus and the Carpenter as well as a sheep in a rowboat.  David Attenborough provides a little scientific sanity and the Mary-Janes provide musical interruptions.

According to the theatre group, the audience should not try to understand it, “just relax and enjoy!”

The performance will be simultaneously in Portuguese, English, German and Dutch on Friday, December 5 and Saturday from 8pm. Another showing will take place at 4pm on Sunday.

Tickets cost seven euros or five euros for members of the Amigos de São Brás museum.

For more information and to reserve a table in the theatre with the Mad Hatter’s dish of the day, please telephone 966 329 073 or email [email protected].