Joaquín Cortés in Portugal for two shows

Spanish ballet and flamenco dancer Joaquín Cortés will be in Portugal for two shows, at Pavilhão Rosa Mota in Porto on December 6 and at Pavilhão Atlântico in Lisbon December 7.

Cortés showed interest in dancing from an early age. He and his family moved to Madrid in 1981 and soon he began to take formal dancing lessons and studying seriously.

In 1984, he was accepted as a member of Spain’s prestigious national ballet company. He travelled the world with the Spanish National Ballet, performing at important venues such as the Cosmopolitan Opera House in New York and the Kremlin Palace in Moscow.

Desiring more creative control, Cortés formed the Joaquín Cortés Flamenco Ballet Company and launched his first international tour Cibayí in 1992.

The formation of Cortés’ own company allowed him to diverge from purist ballet and create his own fusion of flamenco, ballet and modern dance.

In 1995, Joaquín Cortés embarked on what is often considered his most successful venture, Pasión Gitana (Gypsy Passion). Pasión Gitana marked the beginning of Cortés’ recognition for not only his prowess as a dancer, but also as a choreographer and artistic director.

Continuing into the new millennium, Cortés’ focus shifted from dancing to choreography and artistic direction. He continues to dance in a limited capacity live on stage, in film and television.

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