Chef João Rodrigues
Joao Rodrigues, Chef and mentor of Projecto Matéria

João Rodrigues “Resident” for three days

The Lisbon chef comes to the Algarve as part of his Residência tour of the country. The ninth event in the series takes place between Alcoutim and Lagoa and features four-hand dinners with Noélia Jerónimo and Hans Neuner.

Chef João Rodrigues’s Residência tour is coming to the Algarve for a three-day gastronomic residency to highlight the region’s best products.

The long-awaited event starts on September 22 with a dinner at Feito No Zambujal. The dinner, for which participating chef Noélia Jerónimo will prepare an Algarve stew, takes place at the pig farming project near Alcoutim.

Made in Zambujal is a project created by brothers Rui and Manuel Jerónimo, who, in 2013, returned to their family home in the municipality of Alcoutim. Their pig farming follows ancestral principles, respecting the animals’ rhythm and feeding them cereals (wheat, barley), vegetable waste and acorns. The sausages and hams they produce are of the best quality, using only natural pig skin, Castro Marim salt and holm oak wood in the smokehouse.

The following day, on September 23, the residency moves to Morgado do Quintão, where João Rodrigues will prepare dinner with products from the region.

On September 24, João Rodrigues invited Hans Neuner from the two-Michelin-starred Ocean restaurant to prepare an informal lunch under the ancient olive tree at Morgado do Quintão.

Hans and Noélia.jpg
Chefs Hans Neuner and Noélia Jerónimo

Morgado do Quintão is a property founded in 1810 by the 1st Count of Silves and is still owned by his descendants. Located in Lagoa, it is proud to have one of the oldest vineyards in the Algarve used to produceaward-winning wines in partnership with winemaker Joana Maçanita.

One of the project’s striking features is its commitment to preserving and revitalising the indigenous “Negra Mole” grape variety, valuing it as an oenological treasure that harks back to the region’s historical roots. This native Algarve grape variety had, until recently, been neglected. At Morgado do Quintão, it finds a home where it can express its full potential.

Participants registering for Residência by September 22 will also have the opportunity to visit the Salmarim project by Jorge Raiado. Saturday’s ticket includes a visit to an oyster farm in the Ria Formosa, the organic horticultural project Quinta das Castelhanas, and Quinta do Figueiral, an organic fig production. On Sunday, guests will learn everything about making Algarve sweets with Fátima Soares in Lagos from the Os Doces da Fátima studio.

The Residência Project, which focuses on showcasing regional products, is curated by Projecto Matéria, supported by Clube BBQ, Cutipol, Studioneves, Zwiesel Glas, Bimby Portugal, Makro, Nutrifresco and Lugrade. In the Algarve, Residência partners with the followingproducers: Salmarim, Nutrifresco, Quinta das Castelhanas, Quinta do Figueiral and Fátima Soares, from the Os Doces da Fátima studio.

Tickets are available on the project’s website.


September 22 – Dinner

João Rodrigues + Noélia Jerónimo

€80/person (includes pairing)

Location: Made in Zambujal


September 23 – Dinner

João Rodrigues

€135/person (includes pairing)

Location: Morgado do Quintão


September 24 – Lunch

João Rodrigues + Hans Neuner

€100/person (includes pairing)

Location: Morgado do Quintão

Residência poster
Residência João Rodrigues