Joana was “victim of continuous sex abuse”

JOANA COULD have been the victim of continued sexual abuse, according to the most recent findings of the PJ. Eight year old Joana, disappeared from her Portimão home where she lived with her mother, brothers and stepfather, over seven months ago on September 12 last year. Although Joana’s body has never been found, the girl’s mother and uncle, Leonor and João Cipriano are presently in preventative custody suspected of her murder. Now it has been revealed that Police scientists have discovered traces of semen and signs of an infection on underwear belonging to the child. Attention has now switched to Joana’s step-father’s half-brother, Carlos Alberto Silva (23), an official suspect being investigated and a frequent visitor to Joana’s home. It is thought Silva’s DNA could correspond to the semen samples collected so far. Police believe that the motive for Joana’s sudden disappearance may have been the eradication of evidence of sexual abuse by the perpetrators.