Joan Lemmo paintings showcase “untouched Algarve”

Joan Lemmo paintings showcase “untouched Algarve”

Paintings by late artist Joan Lemmo to be exhibited in Lagoa

A collection of paintings by Joan Lemmo, the late American artist, actress and filmmaker who for over 40 years “captured the raw beauty of the Algarve,” will be on display at the Mestre Fernando Rodrigues School of Arts in Lagoa between July 13 and September 1.

The exhibition is entitled ‘O Algarve: Intocado e Genuíno’ (The Algarve: Untouched and Genuine) and will feature several of the paintings that the region inspired the artist to create.

“Growing up in the neighborhoods of New York City, Joan Lemmo became an award-winning watercolor artist and graduated in Graphic Design from Pratt Institute in 1946. Later, she also earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Art from California State University, graduated in Production Design from the American Film Institute, and acted in “Rocky,” “Karate Kid,” and other films for American cinema and television,” Lagoa Council says in a statement to the press.

Lemmo made Lagoa her second home and became known for her watercolor portraits. She even took classes at the School of Arts in Lagoa, which allowed her to further refine her talent and vision,” it adds. “For over 40 years, Joan Lemmo captured the raw beauty of the Algarve in her paintings as she observed it transforming from a rural landscape into a modern one.”

The exhibition will be free to visit at the Manuela Vale gallery on weekdays from 9.30am to noon and 2.30pm and 5pm. The inauguration ceremony will take place on July 13 at 6pm.

By Michael Bruxo

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