Jilted Portuguese invites sadomasochists to kidnap and rape former lover

A 25-year-old Swiss woman training to be a primary school teacher has had her life turned upside down by a former Portuguese lover who set sadomasochists onto her, saying her sexual fantasy was to be kidnapped, bundled into the back of a car, and then raped.

The woman found herself attacked in the street three times, and only escaped thanks to quick thinking by her father, in one instance, and the head of her school in two.

She has “had to change address, car and habits” and, even today, after the lover has finally been jailed, lives in fear of being attacked.

The horrific story of internet manipulation is enough to make anyone think twice about ever letting themselves be photographed in a compromising position.

This is what appears to be at the root of what happened to the woman named only as Céline.

Her 25-year-old former boyfriend, named as João – an émigré living in Switzerland – “put all the intimate photographs” that he had of her together, and created a “false profile” online, on a site for sadomasochists and practitioners of the fetish for bondage.

Presenting himself as Céline, João then announced that his/her fantasy was to be kidnapped on the street, tied up, gagged, bundled into the boot of a car, and then raped.

“To the men that replied to his message, João assured them that everything was true: Céline was truly a fan of the darkest side of sadomasochism”, writes Correio da Manhã.

He apparently told one of the callers, “if she says no and tries to resist, you must continue. It is all part of the fantasy”.

Céline was only ‘saved’ by the fact that on all occasions in which she was approached, there were people on hand to protect her.

In one instance, says CM, she was already in the boot of her aspirant rapist’s car.

João, meantime, has been sentenced to three years in Switzerland’s Bois-Mermet jail, fined €11,000 euros and ordered to undergo psychiatric treatment, as doctors “say there is a high risk of him returning to his pursuit” of the already traumatised Céline.

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