Jilted lover turned carjacker arrested in Albufeira

A 19-year-old man has been arrested after he used a large knife to rob his ex-girlfriend of her Audi car in Patroves, Albufeira.

The jilted lover, already well known to police, was also found with 51 doses of hashish in his underpants.

GNR police say the man approached his 23-year-old ex-girlfriend in her car, forcing her and another passenger onto the road at knifepoint.

He is charged with slashing the passenger’s arm and stealing his ex-girlfriend’s mobile phone.

The youngster then drove off in the woman’s car, followed by another car driven by an accomplice.

GNR police called to the scene later found the Audi abandoned in Ferreiras.

The carjacker, “described as wound up and aggressive”, was arrested a few hours later.

Police found the keys to the ex-girlfriend’s Audi and her mobile phone in the young man’s possession, before they discovered the individual doses of hashish hidden in his underwear.

Understood to have no driving licence, the man and two accomplices are now due to appear before magistrates. Reports suggest one of the accomplices, the one driving the second car, was over the limit for alcohol.