Jewish celebrations

Members of the Jewish community of the Algarve are invited to celebrate Purim with a feast of Esther to take place on March 20 from 3pm.

The tea party will be held at the house of Ralf Pinto, with children encouraged to dress up in fancy dress and guests asked to bring prizes for a raffle.

For further information or to confirm your presence at the party, please call 282 416 710.

Meanwhile, the Jewish Heritage Centre is looking for donations to help fund the project which has been primarily run by Ralf Pinto until a recent illness led to his needing to seek additional help with the centre.

A secretary has been employed to help with the work load of the Jewish Heritage Centre and a management company is being looked into to assist the centre in cooperation with the Comunidade Israelita de Lisboa, the sole trustees in Portugal of the American based fund which aids the centre.

To help to keep the centre running, donations are being accepted. For further information, please email