Jewellers robbed

Two masked men raided a jewellers in the centre of Portimão, stole 35,000 euros and brutally attacked the shop assistant. The attack happened shortly after the Luaris jeweller’s shop in Rua da Fábrica opened for the morning. Two very tall and well-built men, believed to be from Eastern Europe, entered the premises. The shop assistant thought they were genuine clients and started serving them normally. The proprietor of the establishment, who has requested anonymity, said the 50-year-old shop assistant was then taken to the back of the shop and viciously attacked with a sharp object. Neighbours heard noise, but did not suspect that an assault was taking place. While one of the raiders beat the employee, his accomplice shattered the shop’s glass cases and took everything of value, choosing gold rings and necklaces. The thieves needed no more than three or four minutes to clear the store. The owner of the store said the total value of goods stolen was between 30 and 35,000 euros. The robbers placed the merchandise in a rucksack and then fled on foot in the direction of Matriz church.They then collided with a woman who was walking in the street. The employee managed to stagger outside to summon help, leaving a trail of blood on the shop floor, the walls and the pavement. He was later treated in Barlavento Hospital. Fortunately, another employee, a pregnant woman, was out of the shop at the time of the raid.