Jewellers in Silves robbed by two men

Two men robbed a jewellery store in Silves in the early hours of January 26.

According to Portuguese newspaper Correio da Manhã residents living at Rua Comendador Vilarinho, where the store is located, heard glass shattering followed by the sound of an alarm system.

They saw two men, masked and wearing gloves, robbing Quetzal jewellery store.

The suspects used a crowbar to break the door and according to the owner they took more than €50,000 worth of jewellery.

“The thieves took almost all the gold pieces in the store, and some silver,” said the owner.

According to the GNR police, the raid was “very fast and the thieves escaped in a dark colour Fiat Punto they had left parked on a street near the store”.

Quetzal jewellery is a family-run business that was targeted twice last year.

This raid follows a similar robbery at a jewellery shop in the centre of Carvoeiro on January 21.

Then the robbers filled a bag full of gold, diamonds and watches, worth around €150,000, but police have recovered “90%” of the items.

The bag was found hidden in a water meter cabinet at a holiday home in Monte Carvoeiro.

Both robberies are being investigated by the police.

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