Jealous row ends in murder

A SARDINE lunch between two friends in Alcantarilha ended in murder recently. Apparently, the two men, aged 35 and 79 years, were close friends and occasionally enjoyed a shared sardine lunch, accompanied by Medronho, wine and beer at the 79-year-old man’s home in Alcantarilha, Silves. But their last meal, which was also attended by an unidentified woman, ended in tragedy. According to police reports, the 79-year-old shot 35-year-old Paulo Rodrigues dead after a jealous quarrel over the woman’s affections. Rodrigues died instantly from a bullet to the chest, leaving three orphaned daughters aged between three and 16.

It appears that the woman in question was living with Rodrigues, but was having an affair with the elderly man, whose home she cleaned on a weekly basis. After the shooting, the 79-year-old gave himself up to the local authorities and confessed to the crime.

Although the Polícia Judiciária are still investigating the case, a police source has revealed that all evidence indicates that the crime occurred after a jealous dispute between both men. However, one of the self-confessed murderer’s granddaughters believes that the argument was linked to money problems.

“My grandfather’s bank balance had dropped significantly since he met Rodrigues. He was a lonely old man who sought the company of people he didn’t know well, who might have taken advantage of him. But I definitely don’t believe he would kill a man because of a woman,” she claimed. According to the police report, when Rodrigues’ body was examined, officers found hundreds of euros in his wallet.